LADDER LIFTER System’s “Traveling Zone.”



LADDER LIFTER "LIFT & GUIDANCE SYSTEM" kit components pictured (A) packaged kit and (B) separately.

The LADDER LIFTER LIFT & GUIDANCE SYSTEM has evolved over it's development to become the user-friendly, cost effective, easily installed kit available today. GRAPHIC 3 (kit’s components shown). Applications often require moving A-Frame Ladders through areas that are congested. The LADDER LIFTER SYSTEM is designed so A-Frame Ladders are carried “VERTICAL,” only inches from the user’s left or right hip. The area “under” the user and the vertical ladder next to the user’s hip creates a “TRAVELING ZONE” of 36 inches in diameter (GRAPHIC 4) that allows both the A-Frame Ladder and it's user to move quickly through congested areas including stairs, inclines, low doorways and low ceilings from one workstation to the next in any application. By the end of the workday an “increased” level of work performed has been achieved (higher productivity) while sore shoulders and hands, now cushioned for lift and guiding A-Frame Ladders, have been virtually eliminated.


Lift & Guidance System for A-Frame Ladders